Momma Bean: Proud Mommy Moment 3.3.17

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Momma Bean: Proud Mommy Moment 3.3.17

Hi:) Hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend!

I’m having a proud Mommy moment, I had to share. Our son (who I’ll call) R, has so much energy he is literally a ball of energy 24/7. He is about to turn 4 and not a thing has slowed him down.

37 Weeks Preggo with R
37 Weeks Pregnant in 2013 With R

To give you a little more insight here is the back story. Recently, in the fall he started Pre- School and he absolutely loves every moment. He loves people of all ages, he will talk up a storm and play ball with you. So I had a feeling when he started school he would have a little bit of a hard time adjusting, (mainly) to quiet and circle time. I was correct, there were a few times I felt like I was the one in trouble after school when I picked him up. The “he got very handsy  today” (I probably blushed at this comment haha) but it wasn’t that kind of handsy. He is a very affectionate boy, hugs kisses, hand holder, hes a love as we say. So we have been working on that. Also, his circle time manners; sitting still (OYE, hes three, really), being quiet and focusing. I have noticed since he was just turning three his focusing abilities. It depends on the topic but at times you would think wow maybe he has something more going on, well they thought that too. All of which was mentioned maybe 3 or 4 times since school started. I had a break down after my very first ever parent-teacher conference because of this. He is only three and its his first few months in school, I really just thought he needed more time but they had me doubt myself. I know my son, and yes he has a TON of energy and has a harder time focusing and staying still but he is a THREE YEAR OLD BOY. He wants to run, skip and jump with a ball 24/7.

I will say his school is very good with this, they are not forcing education lessons or extreme amounts of time to school focused time, they are very geared towards education through play. That was one of the reasons I love his school. Kids need to be kids, they shouldn’t be burnt out or hate school before Elementary school.

After the third time they mentioned “if it (focusing, behavior, so on) does not improve maybe we will need to have him evaluated”. My heart broke right there on the playground as he sat staring at me from the slide, just knowing what the teacher was telling me. That day he had a little burst of too much tough guy, too much boy, too much super hero. He was playing with a few of his friends and got too rough and started kicking one in the back, repeatedly. The teacher called his name, he looked at her but continued to kick. As she told me this story, I was saying to myself ” no , he is a lover, a lovebug, he is the kid who will hold the door for the entire population. My son, is not doing this to hurt someone on purpose he is getting to worked up into to the game they are playing” and I know with all my heart that is the truth. He gets so worried when someone is crying or if someone gets hurt he is not the kid who knocks them down and laughs.

So, that day we left and I cried and wrote in my journal (like 12 full pages) of pure emotion and hopes for my little love. I didn’t tell anyone for a few days because it really rocked my core. I was destroyed for a few days, until I spent the day (Saturday) with him and only him, we did normal things and I knew my gut, my heart knew he was just learning. He’s learning how to interact on a full day basis, he is learning the boundaries of friendship and personal space, he is learning there is limits, he is taking it all in while he looks around at circle time, he is soaking it in with his full heart. When he hugs, he really HUGS, my boy gives the best hugs I have ever seen a kid give. He means it 100% he is pure love and such a sponge.

We started doing no TV days at home and shutting out the world and focusing on what is in the moment, and it has been amazing. I love those no TV, no movies, computer nights after school and work.

Recently, he has not been napping on school days. This was brought to my attention about 2 weeks ago. He does nap on the other days of the week thought. ( he goes to school 3x a week and to my mom’s the other 2 days). So we have been reminding him how he needs to stay in his nap spot at nape time. He had a few days he couldn’t stay still and hid under the tables, or sang songs aloud. (He is a music lover, dances and sings to everything <3).

So, that being said. today when I went to pick him up (DR Seuss week!) I was already excited to see how the last day of his schools fun week went. They all dressed up as their favorite character today, his was a hit! (Onesler from the Lorax).  Before I got into the room his teacher started talking to me about how much he has improved on his focusing abilities at circle time and throughout the day. His ability to follow direction, circle time, keeping hands to himself and staying quiet on his mat at nap time! I was so happy. She told me they talked to him about how well he has been doing and instead of a sticker he was able to pick a prize from the prize box. He let all his friends try the prize he chose ( a spinny thing- his words haha.) He chose a top, and at this moment 3 hours later he is still holding it tight. Naturally, On the way home I made a big deal about it, how well he is doing. He has really grown the past few weeks and months, physically, emotionally, mentally, and  athletically.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate with a mini Mommy & Son date since Daddy has to work. I just wanted to share my joy with you. If you are a fellow Momma, you know the joy of being told how well your child has been doing, regardless what it involves.

Moms, have you had to go through anything like this when you’re kids started school?


Michelle Bean

How I Became Bean

Bean wood working project

Hi : )  Welcome, I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I thought I’d do my first Blog story on how I became Bean.
It originated, well, at birth. After hours of my Mom being in labor I arrived
April 13th, about 8  pounds and 18 inches long.
My Uncle John and Aunt Dawn had come to the hospital to visit
and my  Dad said to my Uncle, she’s so small , tiny like a Bean, and Wham!.
I was Beaner. Yep, Beaner not just Bean.
I’ve been Beaner for my entire life, but many (and I mean many) years later, it was shortened to THE Bean (high emphasis) on the, THE. At one point it became obnoxious and I would pretend I couldn’t stand it but I loved it.
In middle school wood shop class Michelle was too long for our project so Bean it was.
Bean, Woodworking, handmade, DIY
I remember at my high school graduation hearing so many nicknames being shouted as I walked across the stage. Shortii was my nickname from my friends, and ShortiiMac was in the mix as well. (that’s another story on it’s on) but I mainly heard BEANNERRR being shouted by my brother and dad. All I could do was laugh. I can only imagine what the people around them were thinking.
I’m 4’11 and 1/2, yes the half matters, the name still suites me at 28
as much as it did when I was 2 hours.
Even my cards from family say Bean.
My parents gave me a Jelly Bean cupcake jar for Christmas, and I love it.

So there you have it. Its just something I’ve basically been born with. I may not have gotten a middle name like 99.9% of the population but I was born into a nickname that will carry on forever.
Are there any nicknames you've been given that will stick with you forever,
 Do you hate it or love it? Leave your story below in the comments 🙂
Michelle – Bean