About Me

Hi! Hello ūüôā

Here on The Blogging Bean you will find Stories, Crafts, DIY’s,¬†Thrift Store Finds, ¬†Fitness – Challenges, and my Planner Addiction. Stickers, Paper, Paint, Canvas and upcycling furniture. I will bring you DIY success’s and DI-Don’ts because let’s be honest some DIY projects you just scratch your head and laugh because¬†they are so bad (am I right?).

So I’m Michelle, the Bean behind the blog. Just another Mom who needed an outlet for her creations, mom things, and the girly things. I’ve grown into the life of a Boy Mom and I love every moment. Before¬†I became a mother, I became a wife,,¬†I was still in my¬†final year of college at the time.¬†So I went on and¬†I graduated from Marywood University with my Bachelors in Exercise Science, concentrating in Physical Activity and Human Development, with a minor in Coaching.¬†After¬†graduation I packed up and moved on base with my husband, it was such an amazing adventurous¬†year. After a little over a year¬†we welcomed our son into the world and it has been a tornado of a life since.

Physical Activity is was I always turned to when I needed an outlet, It was what I knew but ¬†I always had this passion for decorating and crafts but felt it was only meant to be a hobby. As I’ve been growing up and learning my way through life, I see how different things have become. So I am here learning to live through my passion of creation.

Thanks for stopping by,¬† I’d love to hear from you !
<3 Bean