Plan with Me

I’d have to check my emails but this addiction began one day in October 2016 and it has grown ever since
My Planner Stack
It all started with ordering a Erin Condren Life Planner and then it hit like a tsunami! I became obsessed and watched a zillion, yes a zillion, YouTube videos until it finally arrived. Then I realllly got into it.. and then I got myself in trouble with Etsy (haven’t we all? I mean come on). I ordered way too many kits, I lovee a few I ordered way in advanced but some after I got them realized how crazy printed they were and too busy for my liking. You live and you learn.
A Mini Haul
While I was watching video after video of Planner Addicted women I came across MAMBI, The Happy Planner and wowza I really fell in love with the creative aspect. The ability to rearrange, to add, take out , edit and customize the planners. And then I fell head over heals for the prints! The florals, drool!! I was never a girly girl, or super into florals but now…. now I have this obsession and love for florals! Its changed my world. Kid you not.
By January had two Happy Planners, my first was the Classic size I was using it as my on the go Planner and man I was loving it. I was sitting at work just flipping through it, watching YouTube videos on DIY pages and covers. Then came my mini planner, this has become my go to my life, my lists, to do’s, appointments, it holds all the mom/wife/bill things. I will be adding a BIG Happy Planner to the mix for memory planning. I have a class sitting in the box to be dated and loved still. I was planning on using it as my gratitude planner but I think I would prefer to have a horizontal planner for that so I can do more writing.
So now I am a crazy planner babe and will be receiving my first Planner Society Kit this month and cannot freaking wait! I think I will do an Unboxing Video and it will be my first video. Bare with me, I am a newbie with minimal equipment thus far. I am working on that though 🙂 I have big plans for my future.
Mini Monday
Michelle – Bean