Shes Bean Crafty

Hello my crafting loves!

This is where my passion lies. DIY’s, crafts, upcycling some thrifted finds, and so much more. For as long as I can remember I have always been creating, painting, scrapbooking, doing DIY projects.

A lot of this came from my parents, my mom has a love in sewing, quilting and making clothing. She was always making my costumes and dresses, blankets and so much more. She too loves scrapbooking and making her own cards. She recently just got her first planner and is joining the MAMBI planner world. So I have many talents gained from my Momma.  I get so much of my creativeness and how to upcycle, woodworking and architectural love from my Dad. He has been in construction for over 40 years as a Superintendent Project Manager. He used to teach me and let me help with his projects and go to work with him and explore the jobsites, equipment and show me the details. I fell in love with the craftsmanship of woodworking and how you can create anything from some lumber 🙂

So many stories I could share on how I crafted my way through life… but another day another story.

Now I am here  to share my passion of creating with you. I may be new with my webpage but I’ve been a creator my entire life. What’s the hobby you have you have so much passion for you wish it was you’re career?



Michelle -Bean