How I Became Bean

Bean wood working project

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I thought I’d do my first Blog story on how I became Bean.
It originated, well, at birth. After hours of my Mom being in labor I arrived
April 13th, about 8  pounds and 18 inches long.
My Uncle John and Aunt Dawn had come to the hospital to visit
and my  Dad said to my Uncle, she’s so small , tiny like a Bean, and Wham!.
I was Beaner. Yep, Beaner not just Bean.
I’ve been Beaner for my entire life, but many (and I mean many) years later, it was shortened to THE Bean (high emphasis) on the, THE. At one point it became obnoxious and I would pretend I couldn’t stand it but I loved it.
In middle school wood shop class Michelle was too long for our project so Bean it was.
Bean, Woodworking, handmade, DIY
I remember at my high school graduation hearing so many nicknames being shouted as I walked across the stage. Shortii was my nickname from my friends, and ShortiiMac was in the mix as well. (that’s another story on it’s on) but I mainly heard BEANNERRR being shouted by my brother and dad. All I could do was laugh. I can only imagine what the people around them were thinking.
I’m 4’11 and 1/2, yes the half matters, the name still suites me at 28
as much as it did when I was 2 hours.
Even my cards from family say Bean.
My parents gave me a Jelly Bean cupcake jar for Christmas, and I love it.

So there you have it. Its just something I’ve basically been born with. I may not have gotten a middle name like 99.9% of the population but I was born into a nickname that will carry on forever.
Are there any nicknames you've been given that will stick with you forever,
 Do you hate it or love it? Leave your story below in the comments 🙂
Michelle – Bean